My Amazon FBA Journey

This blog is all about freedom and how to achieve it with Amazon FBA. Many people dream about having an income stream (or better even several), that support their lifestyle. Unfortunately that entails going to an office everyday usually. So the dilemma is that you either have money, but no time to travel the world (except maybe on your ten days vacation a year), or you do have the time, but no money to fund your adventures.

I have been looking for a long time to find something that is completely independent of location and also mostly independent of my time. I didn't have to think very hard, in order to figure out that it has to be some sort of online based business. But I didn't have much luck until recently, when it came to generating income online. I tried affiliate marketing, seo and google adwords. Even adsense (most people say, you can't make money on that since 2012). 

But it seems that it is still not only possible, but in fact the fastet way to generate a full time income online on amazon.

So on this blog I will share my findings, successes and failures with the fulfillment by amazon system. I already launched my first product, which has been a wild ride.. It's not enough yet to quit my job, but it's a start. In retrospect I'm not quite sure if it was a good idea to get into the supplement space, since it is probably the most heavily regulated industry I could have gone for.