Amazon SEO for Kindle ebooks

Can you do Amazon SEO for kindle ebooks just as well as you can optimize the rankings for the listings of physical products? Why even care about kindle ebooks you may ask, there is much more money to be made with pshysical products. But there is a whole lot of disadvantages to them as well. Firstly, there is just way more overhead, since you have to find a good supplier, order samples first, and have the capital to order your first batch.

But that's by far not the biggest problem you face when selling private label products. In my opinion the biggest advantage of kindle publishing compared to FBA


Tools I use for Amazon SEO

There's a lot of help and tools out there, that are essential if you want to be a successful Amazon seller. 

It's not easy to even keep track of them, since they are popping up like crazy as becoming a private label seller becomes more and more popular with house wives, and so called digital nomads (people that travel the world, while running their business from their laptop).

First and foremost you need to understand which tasks you have:

1. You need to find new products.

Not just any products. You need to know in advance if they are going to be profitable and how much you can expect to sell. In